Graduate Engineer - Bridges & Structures

Why did you choose SMEC? 

In my job search, I was looking for a company who would actively support my development further to my university studies. SMEC seemed to be the perfect choice due to their generations of industry experience and expert engineers with knowledge I could benefit from. SMEC is a company with vast opportunities for growth, with many career paths available to suit my progression. Because of the diversity of disciplines, there are also great opportunities to move sideways, which is encouraged.  



What do you enjoy most about the graduate program at SMEC? 

Throughout the Graduate Development Program, it’s been great to connect with likeminded graduates at a similar stage in their career. By doing this I have been able to bounce opinions and feelings with colleagues who may be experiencing similar thoughts or be able to provide insight on things I am struggling with. As a member of the Graduate Committee, I’ve really enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone in a leadership position, and the knowledge I have obtained from doing so has been invaluable.  



What has surprised you about your time at SMEC so far? 

I was initially worried about working at a tier 1 consultancy, as I feared I would just be part of the crowd, however I discovered that SMEC has found a great balance between the feel of a really large corporation and culture of a small business. SMEC is always striving for employee satisfaction and flexibility of work, which I have found very enjoyable. Besides employee satisfaction, SMEC is also driving to upskill its team on a wide variety of competences useful for work, and life outside of the office.  



At this stage, where do you think your SMEC adventure is going to take you? 

At this point in my career, it’s difficult to say where I am heading in my career in the future, especially with so many opportunities available at SMEC. I’m currently working hard to improve my technical design skills while I have the freedom that comes with being a graduate. After becoming more established in my current position I plan on seeking opportunities to join other diverse projects across Australia and overseas.  



What advice would you offer to other graduates?  

There are so many opportunities that SMEC is provides to graduates. My advice is to engage in as many of them you can! It’s alright to feel daunted by the challenges that come with putting yourself out there in roles you are unfamiliar with. Take the initiative and ask for diversification in your work wherever possible, use the Graduate Development Program rotation system to try other teams. This time in your career is the best to soak in as much information as possible – Your colleagues are not expecting you to be perfect!  



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