SMEC provides world leading digital offerings to our clients around the world. Our People, Process, and Technology (PPT) framework enables us to equip projects at various levels of complexity with the right expertise.


SMEC Digital includes our powerhouse of leaders providing world-class Digital Engineering delivery, including Building Information Modelling (BIM), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Asset Management and Visualisation.

Experience new generation data analytics, modelling and efficiency

Whole-of-life, design, and visualisation intelligence

SMEC Digital offers smart Digital Engineering solutions across projects of all sizes and complexity.


Digital Engineering (DE) Services

Our DE services include: technical advisory, intuitive model federation, data analytics, clash assessment and resolution as well as programmable computational and generative design.


Digital Platforms

SMEC provides immersive environments that enable photo-realistic interaction with designs through the agencies of virtual and augmented reality as well as gamification.

World class interactivity, real time connectivity, and innovative smart mapping from anywhere, anytime.

As leaders in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we leverage insights from data analytics to provide clients with Business Intelligence for smarter decision-making.


Innovative web-apps

We provide highly interactive, customisable applications, 2D and 3D data sets, and advanced engineering analytics. Our web applications support web mapping, hyper-realistic visualisation, advanced spatial analysis, and real time data collaboration with mobile support.


Dynamic and interactive mapping

Our integrated approach to smart mapping includes site photo libraries, dashboards, project maps, and 3D viewer and site visits applications. The interface is dynamically driven by underlying data, analytical tools, sensor inputs and automation leading to improved real- time outcomes and visibility for world class design and business intelligence.

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