Unlocking the earth’s natural heat to generate energy safely and efficiently

Thermal and geothermal energy is a natural, climate friendly energy source that is becoming more efficient and viable through the advent of new technology.

SMEC has deployed geothermal solutions for a range of facilities and uses including urban space heating and electricity generation. We provide a multidisciplinary approach to the investigation and engineering of steam cycle gas and hydraulic turbines, internal combustion power plants, combined and open cycle power plants, geothermal power plants, industrial cogeneration, biomass and biogas, and clean coal technologies.

Our expertise

SMEC’s capabilities in thermal and geothermal power include the detailed geological investigation, planning, design and construction supervision of various power and processing plants, ranging from pilot scale to industrial-sized installations.


Within the geothermal sector, we have delivered engineering services on plants ranging in size from 6 MW through to 55 MW and have undertaken initial feasibility studies for hot dry rock and conventional geothermal production. We provide full design capabilities for the design of steam field pipelines and power islands.


Our thermal and geothermal clients also benefit from our comprehensive advisory and consultancy services to aid in power generation planning, financing and risk mitigation.


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