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Overcoming complex design challenges
The component-based finite element method (CBFEM) is a method to analyze and design connections of steel structures. CBFEM combines the standard approach to connection design with finite elements analysis which enables engineers to code-check a variety of steel connections more efficiently.
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Creating Resilient communities in rural Vietnam
The Tonle Sap Poverty Reduction and Smallholder Development Project (TSSD) has supported over 650,000 households, enabling vulnerable farming communities in seven provinces to enhance agriculture techniques and access new technology, markets, and rural finance.
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Embracing a more equitable future
At SMEC we strive to ensure that every individual is given access to resources and support that sets them up for success. As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, we spoke to seven female leaders across our organisation and asked them to share their views of what #EmbraceEquity means to them.
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Women are not small men – engineering designs for the other half of the population
In honour of International Women's Day, we explore the theme of #EmbraceEquity by examining unconscious gender bias present in everyday designs. SMEC Technical Principal for Environment, Jo Davis, discusses the importance of ensuring our engineering designs reflect the needs of all.
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Our Freight Future: Investigating one of Australia’s first cross-country rail lines
Reopening and revitalising Cowra Lines may be key to strengthening Australia’s regional freight network for the future.
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Securing a sustainable future for rural communities in Pakistan
The impressive New Khanki Barrage in Punjab Province, Pakistan, was completed in 2017. The barrage, which was financed by the Government of Punjab and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), is more than a kilometer (km) wide with an innovative design.
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Urban Sanitation in the Pacific
This paper will look at a number of external issues that impact on the implementation of urban sanitation schemes and provide some insights into overcoming barriers to implementation.
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Q&A with Zaglul Khandkar – The future of Sustainable Hydropower
Sustainable hydropower is a renewable source of energy which will play a crucial role in achieving global climate and development goals, we spoke to Zaglul Khandkar, SMEC industry specialist and one of twelve globally accredited Hydropower Sustainability Council (HSC) Assessors.
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Collaboration leads to connected, sustainable communities
The Logan Enhancement Project (LEP) isn’t only a multi-million-dollar, major highway upgrade. It is also an outstanding example of ingenuity and collaboration that overcame significant engineering challenges in a tight timeframe.
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Delivering safe, connected communities
Planning and designing a modern road is a complex task that requires innovative designers capable of improving connectivity at an individual and a city scale through effective and sustainable transport solutions.
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