Graduate Engineer - Roads & Highways

Why did you choose SMEC?

I saw the quality of SMEC’s work outputs when I was working for a contractor during Stage 1 of the Canberra Light Rail project. Unlike the outputs from the other consultancy in the DJV, the information provided by SMEC was more detailed and far more legible. I knew that SMEC would be the organisation that would provide the strongest foundation to my career.



What do you enjoy most about your internship / graduate program at SMEC?

The passion that the people and culture team has for the development of the graduate body is unparalleled. The effort that has been put into the online courses, the scheduled meetings and the in person events, shows that they understand what kind of skills we want to develop and want us to succeed.



What surprised you about your time at SMEC so far?

The flexibility of my career path. I am grateful every day that I am able to participate in so many different projects in multiple roles.



At this stage, where do you think your SMEC story is going to take you?

I will probably stay with SMEC for most, if not all of my professional engineering career. I have no doubt that I will be able to travel around Australia to participate in various projects. I also see my SMEC story having the potential to take me overseas to see the world!



What advice would you offer to graduates?

SMEC is the best organisation that I have ever worked for. The care they have for their staff is unparalleled! My biggest piece of advice for anyone starting in the organisation is to try and participate in at least one committee. It will expand your network and will break up your responsibilities to something outside of projects.




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