Catchment-wide water resource solutions

SMEC is committed to the protection, enhancement and management of our precious water resources. We have deep expertise in integrated water cycle management from rainfall to run off, drinking water and resilience.

As with any natural resource, it exists in shortage (drought) and excess (flood). Therefore effective management practices require an assessment of risk. We also understand that managing the total water cycle requires a holistic, proactive, and broad approach that recognises that the climate is changing. Therefore our management measures consider sustainability and resilience in their conception.

Our expertise

SMEC’s experience in water resources engineering extends to integrated water resources management, catchment and flood risk management, environmental flow studies, water resources modelling, wetland management, resilience, and climate change adaptation.


Our technical knowledge and experience culminate in the highest standard of care and advice in protecting the environment. We continue to invest in research, development, and new technology to enhance our service offering and safeguard water security for communities worldwide.


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