Graduate Engineer – Transport Planning and Advisory & IV and Construction Services

Why did you choose SMEC? 

I started my adventure at SMEC at the end of my undergraduate degree in civil engineering. I chose SMEC because I was eager to engage in transport projects that will significantly influence the future appearances of Sydney, New South Wales and Australia. The extensive record of transport modelling and planning experience that the team has, meant that I would be able to work on projects of different sizes and complexities. 



What do you enjoy most about the graduate program at SMEC? 

SMEC’s Graduate Development Program offers the flexibility to explore various functions within the business, helping you discover your preferred engineering stream while also providing the option to settle into a team aligned with your long-term career goals. The program has been instrumental in enhancing my soft skills, which are crucial for success as a consultant. From confidently engaging with clients to maximising networking opportunities, these skills are invaluable for my future career endeavours. The program has proven to be incredibly valuable in shaping my professional development. 



What has surprised you about your time at SMEC so far? 

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the widespread opportunities that have arisen. Since starting at SMEC, I’ve collaborated with over five different business functions on a diverse array of projects. Additionally, I’ve been presented with relocation opportunities and have had the privilege of attending both internal and external conferences and workshops. 



At this stage, where do you think your SMEC adventure is going to take you? 

Although I’m in the early stages of my professional career, my goal is to continuously enhance my technical skills by collaborating with a wide range of teams, developing me into a well-rounded engineer. I hope to eventually secure a leadership position, and I’m fortunate to have mentors and connections who will support me along the way. 



What advice would you offer to other graduates?  

Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and make yourself known by others in the business. Make an effort to be in the office, say hello to people at the coffee machine, and introduce yourself during lunchtime. You never know, that new connection you’ve just made could lead to exciting opportunities such as a new project, role, or relocation in the future. 



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