SMEC completed the alarm rationalisation program for Snowy Hydro that required over 35,000 individual alarm points to be analysed. This resulted in a significant reduction to some 3,500 unique alarm response templates to enable the client to rapidly and accurately implement and update alarm points across its entire generation network.

As part of the delivery SMEC provided an innovative process and tool for data development and manipulation to allow rapid implementation of the alarm templates across the entire business, saving significant time and cost.


SMEC also developed a maintenance improvement strategy program for all safety critical assets. The program connects into asset performance management systems for maintenance execution, availability and reliability improvement across the client’s operations.


Both the alarm rationalisation and maintenance improvement strategy programs use common information from each asset to form the basis of failure mode analysis to identify: the cause of the failure event; its effect; the consequence; and the level of impact of the failure to the business.


Objectives of the project are to:

  • Implement a system that enables automated responses to alarm events
  • Obtain data driven analysis to improve business safety, cost and production performance.


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