Creating more connected communities through city-shaping infrastructure

In December 2022, the largest Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract in New South Wales was awarded to Parklife Metro. The Parklife Metro consortium will deliver the Stations, Systems, Trains, Operations and Maintenance (SSTOM) contract for the Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport, Australia’s first fully automated railway and biggest public transport project. In a Design Joint Venture SMEC and Arup are expertly delivering the detailed design.


The design includes:

  • Six new metro stations at:
    • St Marys (interchange with the existing Sydney Trains station on the Western Line)
    • Orchard Hills Station
    • Luddenham Station
    • Airport Terminal Station (within airport site)
    • Airport Business Park Station (within airport site)
    • Aerotropolis Station (to serve the Western Sydney Aerotropolis)
  • 23km of metro line
  • Maintenance Stabling facility as well as intermediate service facilities.


Overcoming Complexity: Streamlining Design and Construction

SMEC and Arup face the challenge of managing a complex design process across 159 distinct packages within tight schedules. Aligned with the Australian and New South Wales governments’ objectives, the metro line aims to commence operations in line with the opening of the Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport, meeting passenger demands seamlessly.


To meet the stringent deadlines, a comprehensive approach was adopted involving concurrent design work across all six metro stations, maintenance facilities, and linewide infrastructure. This approach is facilitated by a multinational design delivery strategy, with teams operating from five global office locations in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Singapore and, London. Employing advanced structural 3D models for construction set out and design review has been pivotal in ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the project lifecycle.



“The SMEC and Arup Design Joint Venture are uniquely positioned to deliver this fantastic mega project given their extensive experience working across Sydney Metro projects along with their global capabilities. We look forward to seeing the first trains in operation in the coming years”.
———— SMEC’s Executive Project Manager – Rail, Derek Frend stated.

Fostering Growth and Sustainability

Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport’s SSTOM package is a city-shaping project that supports economic and population growth. Once the Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport is open along with the new metro stations, it is forecasted that peak line loadings will grow to 3,200 passengers per hour by 2036 and 6,200 passengers per hour by 2056, highlighting the project’s pivotal role in accommodating future demand.


The Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport, project is committed to achieving carbon neutrality, marking a ground-breaking initiative in Australian rail infrastructure history. From construction to operation, stringent measures are in place to minimise and offset carbon emissions, underscoring a steadfast dedication to environmental sustainability and responsible development.