SMEC has been contracted by Electricidade De Timor-Leste (EDTL) for the role of Project Supervision Consultants for the Power Distribution Modernisation Project in Timor-Leste. Supported by a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the project aims to assist EDTL in modernising the country’s power distribution system and strengthening institutional capacity.

The critical project holds significant potential for Timor-Leste as it will enhance the distribution network, leading to improved efficiency, security, and reliability of electricity supply. It will also contribute to the country’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by minimizing technical and commercial losses and promoting efficient energy use. The installation of smart meters will play a crucial role in reducing commercial losses, ensuring long-term financial sustainability for EDTL, and enhancing operational capacity.


SMEC’s role in the project includes implementation, supervision, monitoring and reporting of all project activities. Our team of international and national specialists will provide technical and managerial advice to the project management unit and contractors, fulfilling safeguard-related responsibilities as per ADB’s policies. A project office has been established to oversee the assignment, which is expected to span 60 months.


Zahid Iqbal, SMEC Regional Manager Pacific, who was present at the contract signing with EDTL, said, “We are honored to undertake this vital project while we strengthen our presence in Timor-Leste. With SMEC’s technical know-how and project management abilities, we are committed through this undertaking to helping transform Timor-Leste’s power distribution system into an efficient, secure, and dependable one for the nation and its people.”


SMEC has demonstrated its ability to successfully deliver projects in the power, transport, and water sectors in Timor-Leste since 2000, establishing a solid track record. As more opportunities arise, SMEC is actively planning the establishment of a corporate office in the country to further enhance its operations.

The SMEC team during the contract signing. From left to right: Julio Mesquita do Rego (Railor), Domingos da Silva (Railor), Casmiro Pinto (Railor), Zahid Iqbal (SMEC Regional Manager-Pacific), Hoang Leang (National Procurement Commission) and Lara Luis (SMEC Operations Manager-Pacific)