Director, Global Clients and Partnerships

Jonathan is the Director, Global Clients and Partnerships at SMEC and the Surbana Jurong Group and holds a Bachelor of Environment Management (Hons). Jonathan has extensive experience spanning nearly two decades at SMEC, where he has held various leadership roles in business development, client management, and operational capacities both in Australia and globally.


His expertise lies in strategic planning, client engagement, and delivering innovative solutions to meet client needs. As the Global Manager – Clients and Partnerships, Jonathan plays a crucial role in fostering strong client relationships, developing strategic partnerships, and driving SMEC’s growth and success in SMEC’s global markets.


SMEC’s Management Committee has primary authority for the management and monitoring of SMEC’s operations, and the implementation of the Company Strategy subject to policies and procedures approved by the Board of Directors. The Management Committee is comprised of senior individuals with extensive experience in strategic and operational planning.