SMEC and Surbana Jurong, SJ companies, are proud to attend Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2024 for the first time, taking place at the Marina Bay Sands on the 18-22 June. This event is a global platform, gathering water professionals from around the world, connecting industry leaders and sharing innovative water, coastal and flood solutions.

Key themes this year will focus on climate mitigation, water sustainability, net zero and decarbonisation, resource circularity and digitalisation.

Our Panellists

Coastal and Flood Resilience Leaders Summit, 20 June 2024.

James Lam – (Coastal Engineering Executive Director, Surbana Jurong Group)

James, with over 20 years of specialised experience in geotechnical and coastal engineering, brings a depth of insight honed through diverse mega-scale projects. His expertise highlights the urgent need for climate adaptation, particularly in fortifying against rising sea levels and escalating rainfall intensity. James will join discussions in the inaugural plenary session, focusing on “Climate-Resilient Cities and their Adaptive Planning for Coastal and Flood Management.”

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Beyond Crisis: Building resilience in a changing climate landscape, 20 Jun 2024.

Dan Spackman – (Water Infrastructure Executive Director, Surbana Jurong Group)

Drawing from over 20 years of water engineering expertise, Dan will share invaluable insights into recent responses to extreme weather events and the water sector’s efforts to bolster resilience amid climate uncertainty. He joins other industry leaders in offering diverse perspectives, facilitated by the Australian Water Association (AWA), the nation’s largest water network.

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Learn more about their panel discussion: SIWW2024


Technical Presentation:

Embedding asset condition assessment into daily operation

Pak Lum Lee – (Technical Principal, Water Infrastructure, SMEC)

Every asset-rich utility bears the responsibility of sustainably managing its assets to deliver efficient services within budget and in compliance with numerous regulatory standards. As infrastructure ages, the outcomes of condition assessment become crucial, providing insights into asset health, prudent renewal planning, and time to failure. With over 30 years of extensive experience in water and wastewater management across local councils, state water authorities, and top-tier engineering consultancies in Malaysia and Australia, Pak Lum brings a wealth of expertise to the “Asset Management of Water Distribution Systems” technical session. He will offer unique insights into the importance of integrating condition assessments into daily operations to de-risk aging assets. Through case studies, he will elucidate the science that underpins practical condition assessment approaches to gain comprehensive understanding of asset condition, performance, and failure mechanism.

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Poster Presentation:

SCHISM: An efficient cross-scale regional storm surge model and its extension to compound flood modelling

Adrian Lai Chun Hin – (Principal Engineer, Coastal, Surbana Jurong)

Adrian, drawing from a wealth of research and coastal modelling expertise, will present a comparative analysis of two hydrodynamics models: SCHISM and Delft3D (Deltares), in forecasting extreme storm surges. Using typhoon Haiyan (2013) as a pivotal case study, Adrian and his team meticulously compared projected surge heights across diverse locations in the Philippines employing both models. His presentation will spotlight SCHISM’s distinctive attribute – the inverse CFL criterion, enabling fine grid resolution without compromising computational efficiency, a critical factor in shaping coastal engineering designs.

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Other than this this research, read more about other abstracts prepared by the Surbana Jurong’s Coastal Engineering team that have been accepted to the Water Convention.

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