In celebration of diversity and inclusivity, we're delighted to look back on our recent industry networking event that honoured women in engineering, development, construction, environment, and planning.

‘SMEC’s Celebrating Women in Industry Event’ provided valuable insights from Roberts Co Executive Chair, Alison Miriam’s, a visionary leader in construction driving industry change who shared how she is creating a more inclusive work environment that supports the advancement of women and breaks down barriers. 


Our Q&A style conversation with Alison Miriam’s hosted by SMEC’s environmental specialist and passionate advocate for women and diversity Jenna Forbes explored how the industry is changing to improve work-life balance, the need to maintain physical and mental health and wellbeing, and the role of sponsorship in creating meaningful change. 


The event was free to attend and in support of “R U OK Day?”, facilitating an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation and acknowledge the positive role we can take in asking each other “R U OK?”. 


It was great evening of networking, and thought-provoking discussions that hopefully left attendees empowered and inspired. 



Alison Miriams 

Executive Chair, Roberts Co 

With more than twenty years’ experience in the construction sector, Alison Mirams has strong commercial expertise matched with significant site experience. A prominent female executive in an industry renowned for a lack of diversity, Alison is driving positive change in the construction industry by directly influencing the gender diversity ratio at Roberts Co. through sponsoring university women in engineering and by promoting and mentoring women in construction. 

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Jenna Forbes

Manager for Environment, VIC/TAS, SMEC 

Jenna is a passionate advocate for women and diversity in engineering consulting, helping to drive effective change and support for mental health. Jenna is a Manager for Environment at SMEC, possessing 16 years of experience and expertise in consulting and environmental approvals, assisting our clients across a variety of industries to deliver positive long-lasting environmental and community impacts. 

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