SMEC is delighted to announce its recent major contract win to provide owner’s engineering services for the Wawa 500MW Pumped Storage Project in the Philippines.

This project, situated in the Province of Rizal, approximately 40km east of the National Capital Region, holds paramount importance as it endeavors to provide an energy storage asset capable of delivering a mid-merit and peak energy to the Philippine power market.  It will greatly contribute to the stability of the Luzon power grid while also providing cheap, reliable, and clean power as well as contribute to the Philippine Government’s push to achieve at least 35% renewable energy share in the total generation mix by 2030.


The project is owned by Olympia Violago Water and Power Inc. (OVWPI), and it sought to address shifts in the power supply contract landscape by dividing construction into two distinct phases. Phase 1 comprises the Lower Inlet/Outlet, Lower Gate Shaft, part of the Tailrace Tunnel (TRT), and other works in the inundation area, while Phase 2 encompasses the remaining system.


SMEC’s role in Phase 1 encompasses a range of services. These include redesign of the project to increase the plant capacity to 600MW, updating of the Feasibility Study, support to OVWPI for the issuance of contract variation with the EPC Contractor including changes in the Employer’s Requirement, evaluation of proposal, and contract negotiation support, design review, and site supervision.


The strong collaboration between SMEC’s experienced professionals, EPC Contractor, and Employer will play a pivotal role in guiding the project toward its expected Phase 1 completion date in August 2024.

The Wawa 500MW Pumped Storage Project underscores SMEC’s dedication to delivering innovative, sustainable and efficient engineering solutions. We are enthusiastic about our renewed involvement in this transformative project that will significantly impact the Philippines’ energy landscape."
———— Gabriel Zamudio Jr., VP for Power & Energy at SMEC Philippines