SMEC has once again teamed up with the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young children in Vietnam. This marks SMEC’s second collaboration with the Vietnam-based nongovernment organisation, and together, they are focused on building a vital kitchen facility for Thanh Long Kindergarten in Ha Giang province, Vietnam. This project aims to improve the lives of 70 underprivileged children.

SMEC’s generous donation will finance the construction of a 30-square-meter kitchen facility at Thanh Long Kindergarten. This upgrade will address the current inadequate and unsafe kitchen conditions that put the health and well-being of the 70 young children at risk. By creating a clean and secure environment, SMEC aims to foster a love for learning, break the cycle of poverty, and reduce vulnerability to trafficking. The improved kitchen will be equipped with cooking and washing areas, essential appliances, and proper kitchenware, ensuring that the children receive healthy and hygienic meals. This will enhance their overall well-being and enthusiasm for education, empowering them to overcome the challenges of poverty and build a promising future.


The Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation is committed to combatting human trafficking and exploitation in Vietnam, particularly among vulnerable children and young adults who have experienced homelessness or trafficking. They employ a comprehensive approach that includes direct services, long-term initiatives, policy advocacy, and education.


SMEC’s continued partnership with the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation underscores its unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility and highlights how collaboration between the private sector and non-profit organisations can drive positive change in disadvantaged communities.

I am proud of SMEC’s ongoing collaboration with the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. By building a kitchen facility at Thanh Long Kindergarten, we are not just providing a safe environment, but also nurturing the future of 70 underprivileged children. Together, we are breaking the cycle of poverty and creating opportunities for a brighter tomorrow.
———— Libby Paholski, CSR Chairperson for SEA & Pacific