In an age where the promise of autonomous vehicles is rapidly becoming a reality, the significance of establishing a harmonious Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) infrastructure in Australia has reached a crucial juncture. The focus on internationally and nationally aligned strategies, standards, and cost considerations has propelled this need to the forefront of innovation.

SMEC’s Manager ITS and Smart Infrastructure ANZ Grant Saunders, alongside GHD’s Executive Advisor Risk and Assurance Mike Erskine will be presenting at the ITS Australian Global Summit on ‘Roads of the Future – C-ITS and associated data and communications requirements for Autonomous Vehicles in Australia’. 


“I’m proud to present alongside Mike, together we’re diving into the realm of autonomous vehicles and exploring the critical role of C-ITS infrastructure. Leveraging our expertise, we will shed light on the future of transportation and the significance of harmonisation and strategic alignment,” stated Grant Saunders, SMEC Manager ITS and Smart Infrastructure, ANZ. 


The ITS Global Summit 2023 explore approaches to accelerating smarter, safer, sustainable transport by leveraging the ever-expanding capabilities of technology. The conference is a great opportunity for industry knowledge sharing and networking with Australian and Global transport specialists. 


Our Speaker 

Grant Saunders 

Manager ITS and Smart Infrastructure, ANZ 


Grant brings a depth of over 37 years of international complex delivery experience to any potential client or employer. This covers smart infrastructure including ITS/ICT/Electrical managed Motorways Rail Passenger systems and Smart Cities and CI-ITS Systems Delivery. This experience covers a vast array of both planning, design and hands-on physical ITS and ICT/Electrical Systems Design procurement, delivery, and commissioning. His proven track record is ground-up working in all areas for both the Government and Commercial Delivery and Consulting Sectors.  


His experience includes numerous roles in Project Directorship, Technical Directorship, Design and Delivery Management and overall contract, project and program management of complex ITS/ICT, tunnels SCADA and systems. Covering the wide array of communications, electrical and technical security systems, Telecommunications Fibre and Microwave Networks. OSP WAN, LAN and time of day tidal flow systems. 


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