Kazakhstan, 14 November 2022: SMEC is pleased to announce that they have joined the Qazaq Green Association in Khazakhstan as a member. With global expertise and as a trusted partner for our clients, SMEC has significant experience in renewables projects and enabling sustainability objectives in key infrastructure projects.

Mr. Kawa Baha, Executive Director, Central Asia and Caucasus, stated that SMEC is delighted to be part of the Qazaq Green Association and is ready to share its rich experience in renewables in Kazakhstan.


“SMEC’s renewables expertise includes sustainable energy policy and sector planning, carbon services, load forecasting models, and long-term generation planning using simulation and dynamic programming techniques,”

said Mr Baha.


“Our portfolio includes the direct participation in the development of more than 95 solar power plants of 6.7 GW total installed capacities and more than 650 wind turbines of more than 2.6 GW of installed capacities.”


Mr. Nurlan Kapenov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Qazaq Green RES Association is pleased to welcome SMEC.


“We welcome the SMEC company as a member of Qazaq Green Association. Kazakhstan sets an ambitious goal for achieving the carbon neutrality, where the development of renewable energy sources is a cornerstone of the decarbonization process.


“Until 2035 the Government plans to commission around 6 GW of renewable energy sources in the country and we hope that the competences of SMEC will help to reach this goal,” said Mr Kapenov.
Since 1995 SMEC implemented 40 projects in various sectors, including roads and highways, irrigation, water resources, water supply, sanitation, power transmission, substation and consumption, public opinion, education, administration in the Central Asia and Caucasus region. Currently in Kazakhstan SMEC has ongoing projects in irrigation and drainage, water resources investigation and road infrastructure.


The Company has significant experience in project services related to the power industry, renewable energy projects, green hydrogen, ammonia, and CCS projects, as well as improving energy efficiency and meeting beneficial energy demand to achieve sustainable development.


SMEC has extensive experience in Owner’s Engineer and Detail Design roles for Renewable energy projects including solar farms and wind farms, providing grid connection studies, regulatory assistance and substation design. In addition, the company has extensive experience in biomass, biofuels, hydro technologies, and energy efficiency strategies to provide its clients with efficient and affordable systems for a variety of renewable technologies.