SMEC continues to play a vital role in the implementation of the Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project (SIRAP). SMEC initially provided design and procurement support and is currently providing construction supervision services.

SIRAP is part of the World Bank-funded Pacific Aviation Investment Program (PAIP). The PAIP is a regional aviation program with the development objective to (i) improve the safety, security, efficiency, management, and environmental sustainability of airports, and (ii) improve regional harmonization of aviation safety standards.


SIRAP includes both aviation and road network components. It is managed by a dedicated Project Support Team (PST) on behalf of the Solomon Islands Ministry of Communications and Aviation (MCA) for aviation and the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) for roads and bridges.


Phase 1 of SMEC’s services commenced in late 2019 and included providing detailed engineering design and technical advisory services to support the two clients throughout their civil works bidding and contract award processes under Phase 2.


Under Phase 3, SMEC is fulfilling the role of Engineer to Contract for contract administration and construction supervision purposes of the following civil works contracts:

  • Munda International Airport runway, taxiway, and apron overlay (FIDIC-based international contracting)
  • Design and build of Munda International Airport terminal building (FIDIC-based international contracting)
  • Upgrading of three bridges (Bio 1, Bio 2, and Koa Bridges) on the Auki-Dala Road section (North Road) in Malaita Province (World Bank small works international contracting)
  • Routine maintenance and re-gravelling of the Malaita main road network (North Road 17 km, and East Road 21 km) including spot upgrading for climate resiliency and road safety improvements (World Bank small works national contracting, 2 contracts)

SMEC’s project team has and continues to include international and national experts covering surveying and investigations, engineering, architecture, safety, safeguards (social and environmental), procurement, project management, contract administration, and site supervision discipline areas. Under Phase 1 & 2 the team delivered design and technical specifications for all the aforementioned civil works contracts as well as a new fire shelter, runway extension, runway overlay upgrade, and new airfield ground lighting (AGL) for Honiara International Airport. Under a continuation of the Phase 1 services, SMEC specialists are additionally providing independent design review services for the replacement of the Fiu River Bridge in Malaita Province and the Rawo River Bridge in Makira-Ulawa Province.


SMEC is proud to be an integral part of this important transport infrastructure development project for the Solomon Islands and looks forward to its successful anticipated completion in August 2024.


Project contact:

Peter Ward
Transport Operations Manager, Pacific
M +64 204 097 2167 E