At SMEC we’re embracing Green Hydrogen as a part of the future energy mix by awarding Research and Development (R&D) funding to one of our specialist teams for the expansion of an innovative methodology for Green Hydrogen projects.

The novel methodology aims to capture and incorporate the complexity of the integration between renewable energy resources and the production of green hydrogen and its carriers by using a holistic approach between components and analysing the impact of the variability and complementarity of the renewable energy resources on the optimal system’s architecture.


“Given the fast and evolving green hydrogen sector, clients and the market are looking for suitable methodologies and comprehensive energy models that capture the complexity of the different components of the system and provide reliable solutions,” shared Jose Quizhpe.


“This funding will assist our team in further developing novel scientific methodology to fill the engineering and scientific gaps and include the variability and complementarity of different renewable energy sources needed to assist our clients with their hydrogen projects holistically.”


SMEC’s R&D Fund INNOVATE has been developed to foster continuous improvement and growth through investment in innovation, research, software development and technology.


Kate Drews, SMEC ANZ CEO commented “I’m incredibly pleased to have this project supported by our SMEC INNOVATE Fund. As we transition to renewable energy, investment in new ideas, technology and methodologies will be crucial to our success. I look forward to seeing how the team bring these methodologies to life in partnership with our clients”.


SMEC’s engineers will be collaborating with Green Hydrogen specialists from our parent company, Surbana Jurong, bringing together global expertise to deliver the projects of the future.


For more information contact:

Suzanne Gibbs

Global Marketing and Communications Director