World Bank finances development of metropolitan wide sanitation masterplan, addressing complex urban challenges.

The Ghana Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources has appointed SMEC to investigate a long-term Sanitation Strategy in the Greater Kumasi Metropolitan Area (GKMA). The project is an extension of the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area Sanitation and Water Project. The project aims to increase access to sanitation and create a healthier urban environment.


Kumasi Metropolis has a population of over 1,517,000 with a population growth rate of 2.5% per year. Rapid unplanned development has led to heightened pollution along the city’s water courses and wetland ecologies. Surface water bodies have been contaminated by untreated wastewater, impacting water quality and health in the community.


Sustainable pathways

The proposed masterplan will address the complexities of service delivery in a dense urban environment, where solutions must coexist with informal practices. SMEC will seek to find financially sustainable pathways to make sanitation safe, accessible, and enduring. Project Director, Dr Mebrate Tanto said,


“The sanitation master plan and strategic action plan will be developed in line with the Citywide Inclusive Sanitation Approach. Metropolitan sanitation services will require technical solutions that consider the full sanitation service chain – i.e., household containment, collection, conveyance, treatment, and safe disposal – for all residents of a city.”


Key Deliverables & Timeline

The anticipated timeline for the project is twenty-eight weeks.  The first phase will include a situation assessment and audit of existing sanitation infrastructure and service coverage. The aim at this stage is to develop an overall understanding of existing sanitation conditions and the factors that influence them.


A critical aspect of the project will be to engage with effected communities and stakeholders to better understand their needs and preferences. In developing the masterplan SMEC will prepare a 10-year strategic roadmap addressing technical, financial, institutional, and social factors for safe and inclusive sanitation.

SMEC offers a comprehensive technical understanding in water resources management and sanitation planning. Referencing international best practice, our dedicated team will work closely with the client and local stakeholders to identify bespoke outcomes for the Kumasi community. We look forward to helping the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources implement environmentally conscious management systems to protect public health across the metropolitan area.”
———— Dr Mebrate Tanto, Project Director