SMEC was recently invited to join a delegation to welcome the Minister of Public Works and Housing, Mr Basuki Hadimuljono, to inspect a new wastewater treatment plant in Makassar.

SMEC has been undertaking the role of Project Implementation Support Consultant for the Metropolitan Sanitation Management Investment Project (MSMIP) since 2017.  The new wastewater treatment plant in Makassar is one of three new facilities being funded through the project. SMEC is also supporting urban wastewater services in Jambi, and Pekanbaru.


The MSMIP program in Makassar aims to improve integrated wastewater services in urban areas. Domestic wastewater will be channelled from homes to the new treatment plant through a new sewerage network, no longer using septic tankers.


The new wastewater treatment plant will utilise a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) which is considered effective in reducing the content of water-degrading oxygen bacteria (Biological Oxygen Demand), nitrification and removing nitrogen.


Upon completion the Makassar Wastewater Treatment Plant will service approximately 15,000 property connections, benefitting an estimated 75,000 people.

The MSMIP project focuses on constructing a new wastewater sewerage system and city-scale wastewater treatment plants designed to cater to the needs of urban communities, including low-income households. As urbanization continues to rise, this initiative is poised to play an important role in ensuring a sustainable and healthier environment for everyone.
———— David Kettlewell, Team Leader