In a recent interview with Konstruksi Media, Habibie Razak, Regional Manager of Surbana Jurong (SJ) and SMEC in Indonesia, shared insights into the dynamic world of urban design and infrastructure development, shedding light on both SJ’s global footprint and his own remarkable career journey.

The interview, written in the Bahasa language and published in the September – October 2023 issue of the Konstruksi Media magazine, covers two distinct yet interconnected facets: Surbana Jurong’s global presence and Habibie’s professional trajectory. Konstruksi Media is a prominent Indonesian construction industry media company that specialises in providing news, analysis and information related to the construction sector.


Sustainable Urban Design


The first article offers a glimpse into Surbana Jurong’s role as a global impact on urban design, architecture and infrastructure development. The article elaborates on how Surbana Jurong’s influence extends beyond the planning phase, encompassing detailed design and construction. Collaborating with SMEC and other partners, Surbana Jurong plays a pivotal role in shaping sustainable urban landscapes across Indonesia.


Habibie Razak explained that, as a consultant, Surbana Jurong Group operates in almost all sectors across the built environment. In Indonesia, the Surbana Jurong is active in urban city master planning and industrial master planning, undertaking design in accordance with international standards. In the transport sector, Surbana Jurong Group is currently involved in railways, roads and bridges, ports and airports. Through SMEC, Surbana Jurong has participated in monitoring the Palembang LRT and Jabodebek LRT projects, which are the first driverless LRT systems in Indonesia.


Habibie also explained that Surbana Jurong Group carries out many studies related to environmental impact analysis, ESIA and AMDAL. “ESIA work uses international standards, while AMDAL uses national standards and must meet regulations from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK)”


Champion Beyond Borders


Habibies story began with a pivotal decision to pursue civil engineering, culminating in his graduation from Hasanuddin University in Indonesia. The article traces his evolution from a junior engineer to a project manager in the mining industry, working with PT Vale/PT INCO. Habibie’s journey took him to Jakarta in 2012, where he joined Black & Veatch Indonesia and excelled in energy and oil and gas projects, further honing his sales and business development skills.


The article underscores Habibie’s current role as Indonesia Country Director at SMEC International Pty Ltd and SJ Group. Within this capacity, he oversees a diverse range of projects and business operations, with a specific focus on resources and renewable energy, all while retaining SJ’s core expertise in various sectors.


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