This year marks 75 years since SMEC’s inception on the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme – one of the great engineering wonders of the modern world. Over this time, we’ve built a highly valued reputation across the globe for our expertise, technical excellence, and innovation. We’ve also been through significant periods of change and transformation, and with the world evolving rapidly, we find ourselves presented with new challenges and opportunities.


With an exceptional history of excellence, a 6300 strong network of local people with global expertise, and an unwavering commitment to enhance the communities in which we live, work and play, we want to embrace the future and all of its possibilities.


As we reflect and celebrate our 75th birthday, as well as look forward to the future needs of our world and environment, we are delighted to reintroduce SMEC.

SMEC 2024 Rebrand - New Logo Animation


Our new brand identity is so much more than a new logo, it’s what we stand for as a brand, and how we turn up in the world for our clients, partners, employees and communities.


It’s about celebrating our first 75 years and looking to the future for what the next 75 years may hold. It’s reinforcing our commitment to being accountable, responsible and innovative. Serving our communities is not only our responsibility, it is our privilege.


We’re engineering positive change.

Simplify complexity

Our specialist teams draw on deep expertise and systems thinking to simplify the complex and deliver integrated engineering solutions.

Be different

As a member of the SJ Group, we are a globally connected workforce of local specialists, allowing us to truly understand your needs to deliver outcomes that are sensitive, tailored and community minded.

Unlock potential

We invest in people. By getting to know and understand our people, clients and communities we collaboratively harness our strengths to unlock the greatest potential in everything we do.

Invested in the future

We have a practical vision for a sustainable future. We challenge boundaries to deliver sustainable solutions that help to connect, move and power people and communities.

Our new logo embodies four core elements:


Heritage – deep respect and recognition of our Snowy Mountains history
Progression – a symbol of forward thinking
Transition – symbolising our transfer of knowledge to people globally and,
Future – representing collaboration and a regenerative approach to all that we do


These symbols all come together to show the interconnectivity of our parts and the progressive flow form past to future in a simple, symbolic and bold design that captures the essence of engineering positive change for our clients, communities and the environment.


Our new tagline, engineering positive change, encapsulates all of who we are and what we want to achieve.


For our partners, clients and communities, our service to you remains unwavering and our technical expertise as strong as ever. We believe partnerships are powerful, and that the greatest outcomes are achieved when parties collaborate openly, honestly and professionally. We are looking forward to the next 75years of creating positive impact with you.


For our people, thank you for your dedication and innovation, you are the centre of our success and the future of our brand. We can’t do this without you.


We are delighted to serve you, as we work together #engineeringpositivechange 

SMEC 2024 Rebrand - New Logo Breakdown Animation