Karen Atkinson: Chief Operating Officer, South East Asia

The renewables sector is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years, driven by increasing demand for clean energy and favourable government policies. Declining costs of renewable technologies is making renewable energy more and more viable.


Also, the transition to renewables is becoming more pronounced as societies face concerns over climate change and energy security.


We are committed to helping our clients innovate towards a more sustainable world, powered by clean and affordable energy. SMEC has established an extensive renewable energy portfolio spanning solar, wind and hydropower. SMEC and the Surbana Jurong Group have also built sophisticated capability in the design and integration of hydrogen and green ammonia production, storage, and distribution infrastructure.


The renewables sector remains a complex industry to navigate. Working with global experts, we are guiding a transition towards renewable energy production, battery storage, grid integration and distribution to help power our homes, vehicles, and industries.


SMEC is applying our market knowledge to develop customised pathways for clients, considering technological implications, commercial assessments, and local regulatory knowledge. As an active member of the International Hydropower Association, we are committed to responsible energy transition, safeguarding communities through rigorous stakeholder engagement and ecological assessment.