Following the successful completion of Tuas Port Phase 1, SMEC’s sister company Surbana Jurong’s (SJ) Coastal Engineering team is appointed by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore as the Supervision Consultant for Tuas Port Phase 2, also known as the Tuas ‘Finger’ 3.

Singapore has announced in 2012 that all Singapore’s container port activities currently at city areas would be consolidated to a port at Tuas, namely, Tuas Port, which will double the current capacity that we handle today. This massive undertaking of Tuas Port is divided into four phases, also known as four ‘fingers.’ Currently, the focus is on the ongoing Tuas Finger 3, commenced in 2018.


Located in the Tuas region on the western outskirts of Singapore, Tuas Finger 3 is encircled by 227 caisson structures, each towering to the height of a ten-storey building, collectively forming a 9.1km sea wall. There claimed 387 hectares of land will accommodate future large container ships, adding 21 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). This caisson design helps in improving productivity, safety and quality as the caissons are of standards sizes and prefabricated in a controlled environment onsite.


The Scope of Services by SJ for the Project consists of project management, design review and technical advice, contract administration and quantity surveying, and site supervision, all of which are contributing factors to project’s success. Swift resolution of challenges is a hallmark of our specialist team’s approach and sets us apart in managing large-scale projects. SJ conducted a thorough review with both the client and contractor, in effectively mitigating the project delay with the use of alternative material. Surbana Jurong’s dedicated services not only enable clients to achieve their goals within budget but also ensure timely delivery.


Robin Liao, Director of Coastal Engineering at SJ, shared “The continuous involvement of SJ’s Coastal Engineering team in the Tuas Finger 3 project reflects both our unwavering dedication to Singapore’s strategic infrastructure and the confidence vested in our technical expertise. We are deeply proud of our lasting contribution to this crucial port development, acknowledging its pivotal importance to Singapore’s maritime landscape.”


With a target completion date in 2040s, Tuas Port will be fully automated and be the first terminal in Singapore to be physically and digitally integrated with the wider supply chain network.


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