Geotechnics will play a key role in helping our society achieve a safe, prosperous and sustainable future. Recent droughts have resulted in a need for more dam design and construction. Recent rainfall has resulted in extensive slop failures impacting our roads, rail and urban infrastructure. Energy transformation is driving large scale solar, wind and pumped hydro construction. These projects will all require geotechnical input to future plan for our communities.

Our Presentations 


Interpretation of CPTu data and cross-verification with sampling and laboratory testing – a case study 

Dr Li-Ang Yang (Technical Principal Engineer – Geotechnics) 


Design of Temporary Retention System to facilitate Widening Works associated with M4 Smart Motorway 

Dr Theva Muttuvel (Technical Principal – Geotechnics and Tunnels) 


Critical review of Industry Practices in the specification, execution, and interpretation of Intact Rock Geotechnical Laboratory Tests 

Dr Mahdi Zoorabadi (Technical Principal – Geotechnics and Tunnels) 


The performance of ground improvement works due to short wick drains at Port of Brisbane 

Prisantha Dissanayake (Technical Principal – Geotechnics) 


Encountering misunderstandings in the design and construction of earth-retaining structures 

Andy Law (Technical Principal – Geotechnics) 


Effects of initial moisture content and dry density on shrink-swell reactivity index 

Nicholas Alexander (Principal Engineer – Geotechnics) 


Impact assessment of structures adjacent to ground improvement works on reclaimed ground with underlying marine clay 

Haneena Mohamed (Senior Associate Engineer – Geotechnics) 


Long Term Performance of Installed Wick Drains at Port of Brisbane  

Dr Chamari Bamunawita (Senior Associate Engineer – Geotechnics) 


Automatic Computation for Design of Excavation and Lateral Support System 

Andrew Koay (Senior Engineer – Geotechnics) 


Examining Cyclic Instability Triggering Mechanism of Coal Ash 

Dr Baki Abdul (Senior Engineer – Geotechnical) 


Design considerations and 3D finite element modelling aspects for a deep circular shaft retention system 

Simon Pointon (Associate Engineer – Geotechnics) 


Rockfall hazard and risk assessment at the cliffs of Howard Smith Wharves precinct, Brisbane 

Dr Tharindu Abeykoon (Experienced Engineer – Geotechnics) 


Creep behaviour of Hawkesbury Sandstone on Large Cavern Stability 

Amanda Huang (Experienced Engineer – Tunnels) 


Modelling Desiccation Shrinkage and Cracking of Expansive Soil using XFEM 

Grace Stapley (Engineer – Geotechnics) 


Accuracy of porosity calculation algorithms and the influence on CFD-DEM simulation results 

Yingyi Zhang (World Experience Student/PhD candidate in Geotechnical Engineering) 



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